Saturday, 2 February 2013

Gammon Roast

I've re-discovered my slow cooker. When we first first married I would use it occassionally (on the few days we didn't eat cheese toasties or noodles!). I'm trying to use it more now, especially as it means that I can prepare things in the morning when baby is still in bed or eating breakfast. I've started doing full roasts in there and it turns out beautiful and moist. I did it for Christmas day - easiest thing I ended up cooking!

With a gammon roast I like to score it and then rub it with some syrup, honey and brown sugar (and a couple of chili flakes if desired), and then put cloves in the crosses. I have to be honest with you - the cloves are just to make it look good! If you don't like the taste of cloves being too strong be sure to take them off half-way through (my mistake!).

Isn't that the most beautiful uncooked piece of meat?!

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