Thursday, 21 February 2013

Does a Messy Home = Happy Kids?

I wanted to share this blog with you, it's one I really enjoy following. Alison (the blog's author) has very kindly given me permission to share this particular post in it's entirety


5 Myths Debunked Series–Myth #1: A Messy House = Happy Kids

Happy Kids!

“The house is a mess, but the kids love it!”

“The kids love how unorganized our lives are. They feel they have more freedom to explore and be creative.”

“Toys on the floor, peanut butter on the curtains, cracker crumbs all over the house and smiling dirty faces is what happiness is about at my house!”

Have you ever heard a mother say these things?

Millions of people across the globe have told themselves a lie for so long, that it inevitably becomes truth.

Why not sit down and ask your kids when they are laughing and playing, “Is this messy house what makes you happy?”

Chances are, you won’t ask that question. Why? Because it is a ludicrous question.

If your kids are laughing, playing and smiling in a dirty house, that doesn’t mean the dirty house is responsible for the happiness!
“One day as my friend’s mom was taking me home from a play practice, my friend leaned over and whispered, ‘I want to see what your house looks like. Invite me in.’ Immediately I had to come up with some lame excuse so I would not be embarrassed at how unkempt our family’s home was.” accounts one mom of a childhood memory.
An unclean home has many negative effects on children, such as: sickness from unhygienic conditions, stress from others seeing the mess, no freedom in inviting someone over last minute, unable to locate important items and learned untidiness from their parents. Do you want this happening to your kids?
“When I spend extra time making my house shine, do you know who notices first? It’s not my husband, it’s my kids. I am often greeted with a, ‘Wow mom! The house looks great!’ after a longer clean-up evening routine. The smile and happiness in their eyes speaks a million words of thanks and appreciation. Don’t tell me kids love messy homes!” relates one mom.
Recently, according to the New York Times, Working Mother Research Institute surveyed 3,781 women about many issues facing the home. The cleanliness of the home was a hot topic among these women. Approximately 55% of mothers that worked outside the home felt guilty about the uncleanliness of their home and 44% of stay-at-home moms felt guilty about the untidiness of their home. If a dirty home = happy kids, then why do moms fell guilty about it? Hmmm…perhaps this whole messy home = happy kids is just a front so moms won’t feel so guilty about the conditions their kids are living in?

If this post has inspired you to clean up your act, then start with these small steps today!
  • Turn off the t.v., internet and cell phone.
  • Grab a trash bag and start throwing trash and broken things away.
  • Wash all dishes, dry and put away.
  • Start a load of laundry and continue until all clothes are washed, folded and put away. Remember, laundry is not done until it is put away! This is a quick clean-up , so no ironing is neccessary.
  • Make all beds.
  • Put all toys away.
  • Sweep and mop all hard floors. Vacuum all carpeted areas.
  • Clean kitchen counters and sink.
  • Give all bathrooms a good wipe down and toilets a good scrub.
Now, that you did a basic clean-up of your house, wait for the reaction of your family. Happiness is guaranteed and no one will be groaning for the return of a messy house!
Enjoy having a happy, CLEAN home and happy kids!

Thanks again Alison!

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