Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Natural Cleaning: my first mistakes

So I've been doing the natural cleaning bit for a few weeks now, and already I've learnt some valuable lessons (well, valuable for me. Maybe others would have known these things already!).

Mistake #1
Do not mix directions! I was making the orange oil (pictured in my last post). A friend had told me about it and so I looked it up, and it said to stew the orange peels for several hours. So, off I went, set it all up and then took baby for a feed and nap. I came back downstairs and my whole house was filled with smoke, and the peels were burnt to a crisp.
So, clarification. If you're going to stew things, DON'T DO IT IN OIL! Do it in water. See, other housewives do silly things too (I hope!).

Mistakes #2
When natural cleaning recipes call for VINEGAR, they mean WHITE VINEGAR, not malt vinegar. Add the strong smell of a chip shop over everything to the smell of burning orange peels. Lovely.

NB: Add a forgiving husband to this to get some good laughs!

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