Friday, 8 February 2013

Natural cleaning

I'm entering a new venture in my housewife career - natural cleaning products. This is not a save-the-planet endeavour (although we are keen recyclers - more later!). I've been cleaning with shop-bought products, the ones which have a big 'irritant' warning on the back. I've been cleaning where my son eats. and have noticed my skin and taste being affected by it (never mind an 8-month old).

So, here goes. Equal parts vinegar and water into a spray bottle, and lemons to clean the oven top and sink. I'm boiling orange peels in olive oil (the reason for which is a bit confusing to me, will clarify later!) and will tackle the baking soda soon, just as soon as I work out if it's the same as bicarb of soda.

Will keep you updated!


  1. I swear by dilute vinegar (for cleaning glass, de-stinking fridges, removing bathtub rings, etc) and baking soda (for scrubbing ovens, drawing out stains, de-stinking fridges, etc).

    I always avoided using orange or lemon -- I'm convinced that it'll be sticky afterwards.

  2. Thanks Denise! I always thought the same about lemons but now I've tried it I wouldn't go back. Amazing for scrubbing a hob, especially dipped in baking powder, and not a sticky spot in sight!