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If you had told me five years ago (2008) that the greatest joy in my life would be being a housewife, I certainly wouldn't have believed you. I was newly and happily married, half-way through my first degree and planning on a Masters and potentially a PhD after that. I loved academics and wanted to stay in that world my whole life. Children were certainly in my future, but somewhere distant and unseen. My husband and I ate cheese-toasties almost every night and I did washing when we were getting desperate.

Now I'm a full-time stay at home Mama with no intention of going back to work and every intention of having three more babies. I love my son and my husband more than I can say, and the best thing in my life is looking after them. I find so much fulfilment in keeping a tidy house, cooking homemade meals and looking after the men in my life.

So, follow me in my day-to-day life. To many (if not most?!) it will be dull. I'll be writing about my continued effort to be a good cook (something I'm not too bad at) and a decent baker (something I'm terrible at). I'll be detailing my attempts at good housekeeping (getting better at) and learning new skills such as sewing (honestly can't do a stitch). Any tips I learn along the way I'll be sharing, and would welcome your tips in return.

Happy Housewifing!

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