Friday, 22 February 2013

Organising your House Series - Kitchen: Tip #1. Be Brutal!

The book 'one year to an organised life' basically gives you month to clean and organise one room in your house. January was the kitchen: it's now towards the end of February and I haven't finished, but I have made good progress. One cupboard to go!

Here is my first tip for organising your kitchen. Some will be from me and some are adapted from the book. I'll try to never give you more than 5 tips for each room (no-one reads further than that anyway!).

#1. Be brutal!
This one is hard, I'll grant you. Give yourself a 6-month rule. If you haven't used it in 6 months, I'm sorry but you're not going to. Chuck it or give it to charity. If it's stuff you only use at Christmas, it doesn't need to be taking up valuable kitchen space. Put it in the loft next to your Christmas decorations. Go through your tupperware, anything without a lid/base can go. Any kitchen impliment that you don't know what it does? Get rid of it. That mystical time when you use your breadmaker every morning and squeeze your own orange juice is - I'm afraid to say - never going to happen. If you desperately want to keep it, try to find shelving in a cupboard or your garage and put them all together (or there's always the loft, where unwanted things go to die...).

Say it with me: "I shall not become a hoarder... I shall not become a hoarder". Or, (if it works better for you): "I shall not become my mother... I shall not become my mother...". Trust me, it'll work!

There are so many worth-while charities out there - all those 'I'll get around to it' items can be helping people now!

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  1. So awesome to see your blog Rachel! :)

  2. Thanks! So glad you're reading it. Any tips you have to share on this (or any) matter would be most welcome - I'm sure your family has found some wonderful ways to keep a house running smoothly over the years!