Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The joy of my life

Looking back on my recent posts, I've done a lot of complaining. Sickness, tiredness and being overwhelmed have all contributed, but let me tell you something - I lead a truly blessed life. So in light of that, I wanted to do a post and share with you just how wonderful the frog is, and how much joy he brings to my everyday:

• He still sleeps with his legs tucked under him, just like he did in the womb and as a newborn (thus the nickname!).
• I told him today we couldn't get the washing out the machine as the basket was upstairs. So off he toddles to his nappy basket, empties them all and brings it to me, a huge smile on his face.
• He'll always give cuddles and kisses, even without being asked.
• He's a master of escape and could climb out of his cot age 6 months.
• If anyone mentions they don't feel well, he'll bring them his blanket.
• After a small fall down the stairs yesterday (me and baby fine), he gave me a pat on the back (literally) and started picking up the laundry I'd dropped.
• If I'm not paying attention to him he'll hold my face with both hands, plant a huge kiss and then try to tell me what he wants
• He has wonderfully ticklish thighs and giggles uncontrollably.

What do your kids do that melt your heart on a daily basis?

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