Monday, 16 September 2013

My wonderful whiteboard

That's right, I'm about to do a whole post about the wonders of my whiteboard. I have a good-quality one (by that I mean £40, not £100!), magnetic with colourful whiteboard markers. It's in my kitchen (the centre of most houses), and on it goes my cleaning list, reminder list and frog list.

Cleaning List: I got printable magnet paper, which was a brilliant buy. I then put on my 7 chores of each day (see My daily 8 details), so I can tick off as I go along. This is mostly because I love lists and this works for me - I know some people would hate having a list like this around all the time. It just means that I can always see what needs done, especially if I only have 10 minutes. Yes sometimes I get down about all the crosses on the board, and some weeks I don't full it in at all. But mostly, I find it works really well.

Reminder List: In the middle of the board are all of my weekly reminders. They tend to be longer-term things that need doing, and often are the same ones I put up months ago. But I do find it helpful to have them somewhere I see them every day.

Frog List: This isn't an actual list, it's pictures of different activities, like singing, reading, playing etc. I don't know about you but sometimes I just don't know what to do with my frog, or (bad mama moment) I realise he's been playing by himself for the majority of the day. This would leave me feeling guilty and like a bad mother. So I have these pictures (also printed on magnet paper), and when we've done these activities we move them over. I don't aim to get all of them done in a day, they're just suggestions and a visual way to remind myself that I did do fun things with him (for my especially guilt-ridden days). I wanted to use pictures because when Noah's old enough I want to do something similar for chores, so I want him to be used to it. 

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