Sunday, 15 September 2013

Blog link-up

As well as writing this blog, I'm an avid reader of other blogs. So I've decided to sometimes post links to the blogs I've been reading and enjoyed. I haven't read all the posts of all these blogs, so I can't say I agree with everything said. I usually just enjoy their writing, respect their views and find their suggestions helpful. I've had permission from the authors to share their blogs. Just for interest, I use the blog reader Feedly on my iPhone.
 - Beth is the wife of an airline pilot and mother of 3. She survives on God's grace and coffee. I enjoy her realistic approach to handling her hoard.
 - Kelsey is a super-organised mother of two little boys. She has some great ideas about realistically organising your house when you have little ones, as well as maintaining a very strict family budget. She is also very sweet and encouraging!

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