Friday, 9 August 2013


Alternative treatments are something I’ve always approached with some scepticism. I believe in medicine and doctors, tending to trust both perhaps a little too much. However my view has started to change as I've studied about childbirth* and since the birth of my son. I’ve looked into natural cleaning methods, and have decided to have a look at some more natural healing methods. Let’s be clear here – if there’s something wrong with myself or especially my wee frog, I go straight to the doctors. However for something like a cold, I really would like to know of alternative methods for aiding healing.

To this end, I’ve enrolled in a short aromatherapy correspondence course. I plan on learning about each oil in turn, and then trying them out where suggested (in cleaning, cooking or for healing). Then I'll blog about it, letting you know my findings. Am I still sceptical? Yup, I most certainly am. But I’m approaching it with an open mind, and ask you to do the same.

 *I think it’s appropriate to mention here that my profession lies within the childbirth ‘industry’. For this reason, I have no intention of speaking on matters such as pregnancy, childbirth or the postnatal period in a professional capacity. If I do mention such things, they will be from a personal point of view, with clear understanding that I do not have the medical training to give out advice or suggestion of a medical nature.*

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