Thursday, 14 March 2013

Red Pepper and Philadelphia Soup

This is my step-mother's recipe, and it's easily my favourite soup.

4 potatoes, peeled and cooked through
1 onion, chopped
3 red peppers, chopped
Chilli (I found that half a small chilli was enough for us, but we're not fond of hot food)
1 stick celery (optional, but a good way to sneak those veggies in)
150g cream cheese

1) Simmer the potatoes, onion, peppers, celery and chilli together with water for 30 (ish) minutes
2) Blend all together using a hand-held blender, adding the cheese as you go. Add water depending on how thin you like your soup
3) Serve with crusty bread

Without the cream cheese is not quite as tasty, but nice and healthy. My wee frog wasn't a big fan but as he's never really had pureed food I think he was just confused by the consistancy. He did like to use it as a dipping sauce though, especially after it's gone cold and thickened (eww). You can freeze this soup, but best to do so before adding the cheese.

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