Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Organising your House Series - Kitchen: Tip # 3. Pantry Time

This was my last project in my kitchen, and I feel so much better now that it's done! I have a big cupboard I keep most of my food in. The exceptions are our 'naughty' cupboard, where we keep all chocolate/sweets/fizzy juice, and the frog's cupboard. I like to keep his specific snacks separate so it's easy just to grab him something. That way other people know what things are for him as well.

Anyway, I digress. The pantry. Same as before - categorise to organise. This is a good time to take everything out, throw anything out of date (for me it was a can of baked beans from 2009), and clean the shelves. I like to put dry goods in labeled tupperware containers. You'll need to be careful with best before dates - I cut these out and put it on top. I also use large containers to keep loose/messy things like oils together.

In the short time I've had one (!), I've found a neat pantry makes writing a meal plan and shopping list much easier. If having things in the right place is important to you, think about labelling where things go (or always be the person in the house to put the shopping away). If your husband is anything like mine, all the good intentions in the world will not make him care in what order the flour goes! Also I like him to get home to find a well-stoked fridge/cupboard - it really is a nice thing to come home to.




After. Top Shelf: entertaining - party box (napkins, candles etc). Second shelf: Tins, jars and oils. Third Shelf: Packets. Left - this is a bath rack that I've turned upside down and slotted thin packets into. Right - basket for loose packets such as noodles etc.

Fourth shelf: boxes and biscuits (biscuits in a air-tight container). Fifth self: baking. At the back is flour and sugar (Asda £1 each container), front is icing sugar, cocoa etc. (5 around tupperware, Ikea £3). Tupperware for loose items.
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