Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Reality Check

So a few weeks ago we went away on a little holiday, came back and was busy with work and then it was mother's day weekend. This all equals a very untidy house. I'm learning that especially now with the frog I can't let the housework slip, or else I have all-out disaster zone. My son is 9-months old and very clingy, to the point that trying to put a load of washing on becomes a choice between (quite literally) running from room to room getting it done while he screams like he's being murdered, or wearing dirty clothes. And trust me recently, we've opted for the later.

So, how do you keep a clean house while you have young children? The truth is, I don't know how to do it with one, never mind multiple. I get some done when my husband comes home, but that's time I want to spending with my family. That leaves nap time, which I am very blessed to still have a fair amount of. In those 45 minutes I run around my house and try to get the whole place clean(ish), but often a cup of tea seems more pressing.

So, here's my reality check. More often than not, my house is a mess. When I have guests coming around I run around like a mad thing making sure things look like they're always this tidy. And I do care. I'm not going to tell you that I think it's fine because I spend time with my son and that's the most important thing, because of course it is. But I like having a tidy house - I'd like it not to be a big deal when people come over, and I'd like my husband to come home from work and not need to immediately do more work around the house (which, gratefully, he does without complaining).

So, I'm going to do better tomorrow.

My reality... after a weekend of no cleaning

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