Sunday, 2 February 2014

Thankfulness Challenge

Over the month of January, I have been doing a Thankfulness Challenge on my facebook page. The response has been great and I've loved reading about the things you're thankful for! Thank you again to those who participated. I've learned that I have so many things to be thankful for - I thought that I might struggle towards the end to come up with things but I found it very easy (and probably could have gone on for another month!). It has encouraged me to remember those things I'm thankful for and that all blessings comes from above.

In case you missed them, here's a round-up of what I'm thankful for:

Day #1: My husband
Day #2: Healthy babies
Day #3: My son
Day #4: The car
Day #5: The end of my studies
Day #6: That I have a month to go in this pregnancy
Day #7: Those who serve in our military, past and present
Day #8: Mr. K's job
Day #9: My parents
Day #10: The Internet
Day #11: My job
Day #12: Friends
Day #13: The NHS
Day #14: My sister
Day #15: My university education
Day #16: Unconditional love
Day #17: Skype/long distance calls
Day #18: The unseen things my husband does
Day #19: My nephews and niece
Day #20: My health
Day #21: People I can trust to look after my son
Day #22: The beauty of Scotland
Day #23: Motivation
Day #24: Democracy
Day #25: The weather
Day #26: The church
Day #27: The church in South Africa
Day #28: Prayer
Day #29: Travel
Day #30: Kindness
Day #31: This challenge

What a blessing it is to see that list! Doing this every day for a month has helped me focus on each of these things, but seeing them all together just shows me so clearly how blessed I am.

Try writing your own list (if you participated in the challenge or not). Keep it somewhere you can see/add to it.

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