Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Housewife Skills: Sewing

So, I cannot sew. Not a single stitch - putting a button on defeats me. It's never really something I've tried (or wanted to). But since having the frog I've realised how nice it would be to make Halloween costumes etc, so got Morvern, a mommy friend of mine, to start teaching me the basics. Here are the results of my first project.

P.S Morvern runs a home-business, please take look at her website:


  1. If you ever have a girl, I've got a super cute sewing pattern for a baby/toddler dress with bloomers. I'll happily help you with it, to. I love sewing and really don't do enough of it.

  2. That sounds amazing Denise - you should come over and we can have a sewing day.