Friday, 27 December 2013

New Year, New Attitude

Ladies, it's been a long time since I've blogged. I'd like to claim the reason is simply that I've been struggling with ill health with my pregnancy, and I have a toddler and it's Christmas. But the truth is, I've also been struggling with ill health of the soul.

So, I am committing myself to a New Year's Resolution. This is something I usually steer clear of, as I know that after a week my best plans fall by the wayside. I started writing a list of things I'd like to change/improve in my life, and before I knew it the list had hit 17 and I still had plenty ideas.

People, I'm having a baby in a month. This pregnancy is leaving me sick and very tired, my frog can't sit for more than 5 minutes and I have to finish my studies in a month. This is not the time for me to change my life.

Instead, it is time for me to change my attitude. If I focused on the positive more often, my day could look like this:

• How am I possibly going to cope when frog #2 arrives =
I can't wait to hold that baby in my arms

• Frog #1 is still awake, all I want to do is watch TV for a while = I'm glad for this last month to shower him with my attention before it's split

• I'm so tired and just want this baby to come = I am so blessed this baby is healthy and I don't have to deal with the heartache of a premature baby

• I wish my husband wasn't working late = I am glad for a husband who works so hard for our family

I'm not saying these changes in attitude are always easy - sometimes they're downright hard. But I think this is exactly what I need right now. Not a new cleaning rotation, not a new sleep routine, not even more 'me' time. What I need is a change of attitude.

So, follow me in January as I attempt to keep things upbeat and positive. To do this I'm going to attempt to do a daily thankfulness post, and would love if you did it with me. I'm going to do it via my Facebook page. I'm giving plenty of notice so you can think about your items and add it in the comments section. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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