Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Toy rotation

I've found for a while now that the frog only plays with a few choice toys, often the ones that end up on top of his toy chest. We are so blessed with his selection of toys, but he was getting bored with the few he always played with. So taking a suggestion from Organising with Littles, I decided to start a toy rotation. To do this I got 5 boxes that would fit into our toy chest, and then separated out the frog's toys. Into each box I tried to put a vehicle of sorts, a soft toy, something electronic and then a 'main' toy. The toys too big to fit into boxes have gone into a large 'alternate toys' box, and I've left his blocks and books out at all times (I don't want to restrict his access to either). I also have a toy returns box, for those toys that didn't quite make it into the right box.

I've noticed such a difference in the few weeks we've been doing this. At the beginning of the day I get a box out and show him what's in there (I've found this to be really important to get him interested). He will then quite happily play with those toys he hasn't looked at in months. I try to keep the same box going for a few days, and then switch over. He's getting bored much slower now, and a happy consequence is my living room is considerably tidier!

What our toy chest looked liked before...

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