Monday, 7 October 2013

Character Qualities

I got these character qualities from the Duggars. Yes: those weird, ultra-conservative, prairie-dress wearing, 19-kid, all names starting with a J family. No matter what you think of them, I think their ideas are great and love the focus they have on their kids. I enjoy their show, try to channel Michelle in my most stressed moments and I frequently refer to their books. Does that mean I plan on having that many children, homeschool or stop watching TV? It most certainly does not. But it does mean that I'll try to implement their patient spirit into my household, and their focus on faith. One way I'm doing that is by incorporating the character qualities they use.

Every week I aim to write our character quality on our board, mention it to the frog every lunch and bible time, and focus on it. Well recently that's just not been happening. Not just the character quality, but the bible time (and sometimes even talking to him while he's eating - that kitchen doesn't clean itself!).

When I constantly find myself not getting around to something, I like to ask myself if it's because that something needs changed. Maybe it's unnecessary, or it's just something that doesn't suit our family. Well this isn't one of those things. I love these character qualities - they give me such a good weekly focus, and often seem to be exactly what I need to hear that week. My especially tired week corresponds to the patience quality, or my selfish moments with the generous quality. So I'm re-committing to doing this every week - even if I miss a week I'm going to pick it up the next week.

I'm not going to do a post a week about that week's quality (as at one point I had planned on doing), but I will mention it as I go along, so I thought it might be good if you all knew what I was talking about!

Do you have something you try to focus on each week/month? How do you make it a priority in your household?


  1. I am trying to focus on the need for respect for all members of the family. By this I mean that what the kids say is just as important as what the adults say. Also showing respect by knocking before we go into each other's rooms or use other peoples things.

    1. That's a great focus Samantha - kids needs to be given respect to learn how to return it.